7 Journal Article Critique

Write a 7 page (double-spaced) Journal Article Critique of titled:

Aldridge, J., & Askew, R. (2017). Delivery Dilemmas: How Drug Cyptomarket Users Identify and Seek to Reduce Their Risk of Detection by Law Enforcement. International Journal of Drug Policy, 41, 101-109.

Content 80%
Appropriate article selection (scholarly and/or empirical); recent (last ten years).
• Brief overview of the article is provided; the thesis of the article is clearly stated.
• A description of the research problem is provided.
• Research methods used to study the problem are discussed and critiqued in detail.
• The authors’conclusions and recommendations are provided.
• Contributions to the literature are discussed in detail along with a brief discussion of conclusions/recommendations.

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Writing 20%
• Paper meets APA/Graduate School standards.
• Paper is organized; each paragraph flows logically into the next paragraph.
• Appropriate terminology it used; writing is clear and concise.
• Proper spelling and grammar is used; sentences are properly constructed.

The critique addresses the following questions:
• What methods did the author use to investigate the topic?
• Were the appropriate methods used?
• Did the author’s approach to supporting the thesis make sense?
• Did the author employ the methods correctly?
• Did you discover any errors in the way the research was conducted?

Suggested Subtitles:
• Overview
• Description of the Research Problem
• Research Methodology
• Contributions to the Literature
• Critique of the Article

Grading Rubric for Academic Journal Article Critique

Grading Criteria Points Possible Points Earned

Writing/format/article selection 20

Overview/thesis 10

Discussion of research problem 10

Discussion of research methodology 10

Contribution to the literature/conclusions 10

Critique of article 40

Total 100

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