50 – 200 words on marketing tactics used by hospitality


Identify and discuss marketing tactics used by hospitality and tourism companies to manage the characteristics of services.

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You must post at least once to each required discussion with at least 50 words, and your post must fulfill the following requirements:

What your post should NOT be

There is no need to post a lengthy, essay style response. Please keep your post under 200 words.


Make it Your Own Work

Your contribution to a discussion post must represent your thoughts, ideas, and/or opinions, and must be composed in your own words.

You are welcome to include citations from the Web or other sources that you feel may be related to the topic. However, such citations should be used only as a frame of reference for adding your own thoughts in your own words.

Verbatim citations from other sources, including the Web, without additional commentary in your own words, do not meet the criteria for meaningful contribution to the required discussion and will not be considered acceptable. In all cases where you reference the writings of others or copy and paste content from other sources, including the Web, you must cite the source appropriately. In the case of Web content, that includes providing the URL. In other cases, you should include, at a minimum, the author and title of the work you are copying.


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