3 recommendation letter must be a page long for each

i need 3 recommendation letters.



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the frist one is [email protected] she was my advisdor for haraya Black student ogranzation.

I was presdient of the organaztion. i Planned and produced a Fashion Show and got the fashion club involved, i

did a save darfur event were i actually got a native from there to speak. i had alot of black seminars with student on


current events. i also did study night during finally week because the library clossed early and it give the students a


place to study longer. 6 years



the 2nd one  Ms. Charmian Smith Dean of Students. she was pretty much my mentor throw out college. 6year. she got involve in sga chair of public relations. I got to go on a few trips to rep my college


3rd one is my supervisor Mr. Johnnie.I currently work as a counselor at detention center for  teens. I’m very stern at work and mean bussiness with the kids. talk about working with kids .and how every move must me planned . been their for three months


words you may want to use




  • Excellent communication, organizational, multi-tasking and problem solving skills

  • Extremely productive in a high volume, high stress, environment

  • Work independently with minimal supervision

  • Computer proficiency in Word, Excel, Power Point and strong keyboard skills

  • Organized, dependable, flexible and responsible

  • Professional demeanor

  • Energetic attitude 



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