Team cohesiveness is important for success.  I worked on some good teams one specifically was my training team when I was the training officer at Field Medical Training Battalion-East.  This was a great team but not, in the beginning, it was something we truly had to work on because of the variables or shall I say distractions.  The relationship that made us so successful was our communication.  we made sure that we, communicated every phase of what we were doing.  As the leader, I let them know what was coming up what was ahead of them when we finished an exercise we had after actions reports/ hot washes and discussed how we can get better.  What distracted us and was such a negative piece was much of the culture and climate that we operated in it was often a negative command culture which was created by the top leadership and often as their leader I had to provide top cover so that they could do their jobs which they did absolutely amazing.  What I will bring to future teams and continue is to communicate effectively specifically outside of our arena so that leadership that is above me understands the mission that my team has and allow us to complete our mission with focus. 


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